We detect, analyze, combat and produce comprehensive results.

Sweat diagnosis is imperative towards excessive sweating and other sweat related issues. Lack of it leads to severe misdiagnosis.
S.D.U is responsibilities will include;

Interactive Q&A Sweat background check with the patient.
Conduct and run comprehensive medical tests to ascertain the type and category of sweat the patient suffers from. Thanks to the state-of-the-art S.D.U lab and the expertise of a qualified, professional S.D.U practitioners. The results from the S.D.U lab will determine the type of treatment(s) options thus making the treatment process less complicated and more precise.

“You cannot provide treatment(s) to an identified condition.” S.D.U

Power has a Scent!
The hallmark of treatment solutions. From S.D.U to Body protocol.
From hyperhidrosis to other sweat related issues. The department will focus on each focal area independently the determining factor is the comprehensive results from S.D.U.

Topical treatment solutions for different focal areas. Each focal area has a protocol which MUST be followed for successful results in sweat reduction. For instance, PM and AM underarm sweat regimen, Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis treatment (Elite Facial Skin Care), Palmer and Planter sweat care, chest, back and sweat in inguinal areas such as the groin, thighs and buttocks. Other treatments include iontophoresis machine device treatment, and coping mechanisms.

Body Protocol team is made of professionals working hand in hand with S.D.U for quality service to the hyperhidrosis family.

Medical treatments such as miraDry for Axillary (armpit) Hyperhidrosis considered a long-term solution for the focal area.


Bromhidrosis – is a chronic condition in which excessive odor, usually an unpleasant one, emanates from the skin. Bromhidrosis is determined largely by apocrine gland secretion and can substantially impair a person’s quality of life.

Yes, power has a scent who doesn’t want to smell amazing! I mean smelling good is an understatement. Sweat issues extend beyond hyperhidrosis and HAK LTD has established that there are Kenyans who suffer from other sweat related conditions such as Bromhidrosis and Fish Odor Syndrome.
For effective body odor treatments HAK’s S.D.U Powered a treatment formula to manage the situation and this is where the 4 stages of Bromhidrosis BROMPROTOCOL 4 was conceptualized.

The 4 stages include;
• Shower Gel
• Moisturizing Soap
• Body Cream with Vitamin E
• Solid Deodorant
HAK will advise on a fragrance to use.

Each treatment is approached holistically and each management system is targeting the issue on a practical position. Each person’s sweat and body odor issues are different meaning each treatment is tailored made for each individual as opposed to having a “template for all” type of treatment and this is what makes our methodology to sweat treatment unique.