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Managing hyperhidrosis is a combination of therapies and no one single treatment is a guarantee. What works for one patient is not a guarantee it will work for every other persons living with hyperhidrosis.

As HAK LTD our mission is to Restore Hope and Confidence and our goal is to raise awareness on hyperhidrosis and other sweat related problems and also provides suitable/affordable topical treatments and relevant information related to this condition.

Topical Treatments

This involves the use of clinical antiperspirants with aluminum chloride as the active ingredient recommended for treating hyperhidrosis. It’s important to know the difference between regular antiperspirants and clinical antiperspirants. Regular antiperspirants are for regular use and applicable for everyone clinical antiperspirants are prescribed for managing excessive. I would also emphasize on knowing the difference between antiperspirant and deodorants. Antiperspirants are meant to control and managing excessive sweating while deodorants are designed to mask odor.

With improved technology and advancement in production of topical treatments numerous strides have been made in solving excessive sweating needs as a result we know have antiperspirants inform of lotions and gels for all the 3 focal areas and other localized areas as well.

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