Neat 3B Action Cream

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An incredibly effective chafing and sweat rash prevention cream.

Category: treatments


Product Details:

  • Perfect for people who carry extra weight
  • Powerful in-built antiperspirant
  • Keeps painful chafing at bay
  • Use in skin folds and between the legs, breasts, and buttocks
  • Helps to prevent fungal infections such as Tinea and Intertrigo which tend to occur in these warm, moist areas of the body.
  • Ideal for people working in warm climates, athletes and people who perspire more freely than others.

Directions for use:

For the prevention of sweat irritation and chafing between the legs, between the buttocks, and beneath the breasts, apply to clean dry skin of the affected area once or twice daily. Apply to specified body areas only. Do not apply to broken skin.