Certain DRI PM

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Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical is a Antiperspirant |Roll-On Deodorant| Hyperhidrosis Treatment for Men & Women | Unscented| 1.2 Fl oz| 1 Pack

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Certain DRI PM Prescription Strength Antiperspirant is a skincare product that is designed to provide maximum strength protection against excessive sweating and odor.

  • It is the #1 Doctor recommended clinical strength antiperspirant brand for excessive sweating
  • Fragrance free which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who prefer unscented products
  • It is available in Roll-on form.
  • Antiperspirant that provides long-lasting protection for up to 72 hours.
  • Contains 12% Aluminum Chloride.
  • Usage instructions: Apply at night to completely dry underarms. Can be reapplied in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection.
  • Certain DRI PM is a prescription strength product, and should only be used as directed by a healthcare professional.