SweatBlock Antiperspirant Roll-on

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SweatBlock Antiperspirant Roll-on – Max Clinical with DRIBOOST [PM] – Treat Hyperhidrosis/ Excessive Sweat & Odor | Up to 7 Days Sweat Control Per Use | Unisex | 1.2 FL OZ
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Product Details:

  • Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Roll-on (1.2 fl oz)
  • Stay dry for up to 7 days per use.
  • Strong enough for hyperhidrosis & excessive sweat.
  • Unscented sweat control for men, women and teens.
  • Dry shirt guarantee. No pitting out or it’s free.

Directions for use:

1. Apply at night before bedtime -This allows SweatBlock sufficient time to create a strong block while your sweat glands are less active (usually during sleep).

2. Apply to clean, dry underarms – Apply a few strokes to clean, dry skin. For sensitive skin, test a small skin area first.

3. Allow to air dry – Allow the SweatBlock formula to air dry on skin then go to bed.

4. Next morning, wash treated areas – Wash with soap and water. You can shower, bathe, swim, exercise, etc. without reducing effectiveness.

5. If success is not achieved after application – apply nightly until effective. It may take multiple consecutive applications to become effective. Thereafter, apply as needed.