SweatBlock Hands & Feet Lotion

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SweatBlock Hands & Feet Antiperspirant Lotion – For Sweaty Palms | Foot Sweat & Odor. Hyperhidrosis Treatment | for Men & Women. Safe & Effective | 1.69 fl oz

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Product Details:

  • Perfect for sweaty feet and sweaty hands.
  • Shake and hold hands with confidence.
  • No more sweat soaked socks or slippery feet.
  • Safe, strong, and effective.

Directions for use:
For hand sweating:

  1. Wash and dry hands. For best results, apply to clean and dry hands.
  1. Apply a small, pearl-sized amount to SweatBlock Antiperspirant lotion to one palm.
  1. Rub both palms together for 15-20 seconds until lotion is fully absorbed.
  1. If hands or feet feel sticky after 10-15 minutes of application, try reducing the amount of lotion on your next use. Sticky sensation is usually a result of over application.

For foot sweating:

  1. Wash and dry feet. For best results, apply to clean and dry feet.
  1. Apply a small amount to each foot. Rub into skin until evenly dispersed and absorbed.
  1. Wash hands after application.
PS. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. -Apply nightly and at least 2 times per day. May take up to 2 weeks to get full benefits of the lotion.