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Martin M. Kimamo is an unrelenting Hyperhidrosis Activist. He’s the Founder and CEO of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Kenya Ltd. On 12thJanuary 2018 he decided to share his struggles with hyperhidrosis to empower and encourage others to live and explore their life’s full potential. “Hyperhidrosis is not new in Kenya, East Africa and  the entire African Continent it simply lacks public knowledge and a vast majority have no knowledge of it as a medical condition that has no cure but can be managed through treatments and a combination of therapies”. Martin has done several live interviews on National TV on understanding Hyperhidrosis to sensitize the public and on the 26thof May 2018 together with a team they cycled for awareness from Nairobi to Kisumu to raise Awareness on Hyperhidrosis and preside over a Hyperhidrosis Conference in Kisumu. From an initiative to a nonprofit company well received creating a paradigm shift on excessive sweating. Awareness without solutions is just awareness, we are focused on sweat.


Martin Kimamo is a creative producer in the field of audiovisual production. He obtained his Higher Diploma in 3D Animation and Multi-Media from Shang Tao Media Arts College. Has worked in reputable firms such as Gina Din Group, RedHouse Group, Wananchi Group Kenya Ltd, and Senine Records.


Martin has participated in The Kenya Redcross Chagua Peace Campaign 2013 and Cycling for Awareness Hyperhidrosis Awareness Campaign active since 2018.

CEO, Activist and Founding Member

Creative Producer